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Carvacrol orgánico a partir de extracto natural CAS 499-75-2.

Carvacrol orgánico a partir de extracto natural CAS 499-75-2.

Tipo de Pago: T/T,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
Incoterm: FOB,CIF,EXW
Plazo de entrega: 3 días

Información básica

    Modelo: HQ-1927

    Grado: Aceite esencial puro grado A

    Uso: Materias primas de detergente, Productos Quimicos, Materias primas cosméticas

    Materia prima: Petróleo

Información adicional

    Paquete:  Embalaje a granel: 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg, 180 kg Embalaje pequeño: 10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

    Marca: Jiangxi Global

    transporte: Ocean,Land,Air

    Lugar de origen: China

    Capacidad de suministro: 500ton per year

    Hafen: Shanghai,Guangzhou,Hongkong



Carvacrol orgánico a partir de extracto natural CAS 499-75-2.


Product Name
White to pale yellow sticky liquid

The product exerts its function mainly by restraining or killing the spores of fungus, this cause the spores can not germination, or germ tube and mycelium can not grow even when the spores germinate, so that to realize the purpose of controlling the diseases. 

Can restrain germination of spore, or even germination, its germ tube and hypha can not regrow. The ability of fungic resistance is very strong. Aim at carvacrol 0.5%AS, it is a kind of systemic fungicide, broad-spectrum, no harmful stress of insecticide, no pollution, no residue, and friendly to environment.

Carvacrol is widely used as spice, food additives, feed additives, antioxygen, health microbicides, vermifuge, preservative etc..
(1) 1kg in aluminum Bottle (2) 5kg,10kg in plastic amine barrels (3)25kg in plastic barrels or round cardboard barrels
 (4) 180kg In galvanized iron bucket or epoxy-phenolic iron bucket.

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